Beer menu

We created our beer menu after long research and tasting beer from all over the world. Come and taste our over 50 different beers from all over the world! If you would like to take a closer look, you can look at our beer galleries:

English beers
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Czech beers
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Bulgarian beers

    • English Beers

    • Scarecrow



      English Organic Beer, Gluten Free. Skerkrow is a golden ale reminiscent of the lazy days of summer. Citrus taste, balanced by biscuit malt and sweet-bitter aftertaste.

    • Oyster Stout

      Oyster Stout


      English dark beer, stout style. Dark, rich and soft in taste. Aromas of coffee, chocolate and baked malt. Slightly bitter aftertaste.

    • Old Speckled Hen

      Old Speckled Hen


      Classic English Beer. It has a nice caramel scent. Copper color, slightly bitter but mild in taste. A lot of beer beer.

    • Gingerbeard



      English ginger beer. Honey-red in color, with a ginger infusion that gives it a sweet taste and a spicy aftertaste.

    • Big Ben

      Big Ben


      English craft beer, brown ale. Strong hop aroma with hints of caramel. The taste is sweet, with hints of brown sugar and dried fruit. Long sweet-bitter aftertaste.

    • Black Wytch

      Black Wytch


      Black Witch is an English stout beer. Classic dark English stout with velvety texture. Spills a good amount of fluffy brown foam. The aroma is roasted nuts and dried fruits. It starts with a sweet taste and the aftertaste is bitter and hops.

    • King Goblin

      King Goblin


      King Goblin is an English beer, style - strong ale. Legend has it that it boils only on a full moon. Mahogany red in color, with thick foam. Aroma of dark fruits, with notes of spices and malt. Sweet taste, balanced with a bitter aftertaste and hints of carnation.

    • Hobgoblin



      The Hobgoblin is an English beater made with chocolate and crystal malt. The color is copper-red. The aroma is sweet - figs and brown sugar. Well balanced beer with a taste of baked malt, moderate hop bitterness and fruity nuances. Tasteful taste from start to finish.

    • 13 guns

      13 guns


      English craft beer, style - IPA (India Pale Ale). Made with four types of malt and six types of hops from around the world. Very dark in color IPA - dark red, almost brown. Slightly cloudy. A strong hops scent with a slight hint of caramel. The taste is sweet-bitter and extremely well balanced.

    • Abbot ale

      Abbot ale


      English beer, EPA (Engllish Pale Ale) style. It is red in color, with a good amount of foam. The aroma is herbal-hop. It tastes like a biscuit malt with bitter hops. Slight metallic taste. A lot of beer that goes well with food.

    • Bulgarian beers

    • White Stork IPA

      White Stork IPA


      Bulgarian craft beer made from India Pale Ale. Made with Belgian recipe. With 3 types of hops and a strong bitter taste.

    • White Stork

      White Stork


      Bulgarian craft beer made according to Belgian recipe. Style - Belgian ale. Strong, slightly sweet taste.

    • Glarus - Porter

      Glarus - Porter


      Bulgarian craft beer inspired by the classic English porter. Perfect for cold nights. It is made from two types of baked malt and two types of hops. Aroma of caramel, chocolate and roasted nuts. It tastes best at 7-12 degrees.

    • Glarus - Pale Ale

      Glarus - Pale Ale


      Bulgarian beer, light ale style. Made from American and Slovenian hops. Refreshing and lots of beer.

    • Glarus - English Ale

      Glarus - English Ale


      Bulgarian beer, modeled on classic English beer. Good balance between caramel and hops, with a nice red color and a long aftertaste.

    • Glarus Saison

      Glarus Saison


      Bulgarian beer, style-season. It has a sweet gum / lollipop scent. The taste is sweet but with a bitter herbal aftertaste with citrus notes. Low carbonated.

    • Glarus Dubbel

      Glarus Dubbel


      Bulgarian beer inspired by the classic Belgian style "double". This is a classic dark beer with hints of caramel, chocolate and dried fruit. Medium-sweet to taste. This beer is nice to drink in a wide tulip cup.

    • Glarus Black Sea IPA

      Glarus Black Sea IPA


      Bulgarian craft beer made in IPA (India Pale Ale) style. With a characteristic sweet-bitter taste and citrus notes. Strong aroma. An interesting combination of Bulgarian hops, English yeast and European malt.

    • Divo Pivo

      Divo Pivo


      Bulgarian craft beer, style - American peel ale. Light, unfiltered beer with a bitter aftertaste. The aroma is of herbs and citrus notes. Pleasant and refreshing. Be sure to activate the sludge at the bottom before pouring it all over!

    • White Stork Limets

      White Stork Limets


      Bulgarian craft beer pale ale. A hybrid between German hops and Bulgarian spelled. Golden in color, with aroma of lime and lemon grass. Notes of peach. The taste is of citrus and herbs.

    • White Stork – Dark Side

      White Stork – Dark Side


      Българска тъмна крафт бира, стил - стаут. Богат тъмен цвят и дебела пяна. Аромат на какао, кафе и печен малц. Със средно-сладък вкус и нотки на чили и карамел. Нестандартно предложение за студени вечери.

    • Blek Pine Stout

      Blek Pine Stout


      Bulgarian dark craft beer, style - stout. Characteristic of this style, beer has the aroma of cocoa and chocolate, as well as the bitterness of the bar malt. The taste is medium-sweet and bitter-sweet.

    • Blek Pine IPA

      Blek Pine IPA


      Bulgarian craft beer in the style of IPA (India Pale Ale). In color it is a dull orange with a strong citrus scent. The taste is bitter, with hints of grapefruit and tropical fruit.

    • Ailyak - Free love

      Ailyak - Free love


      Ailyak is a Bulgarian craft beer bottled in Serres, Greece. The style is German hefewaitsen, combined with a hoppy pilsner. Blurry-light in color, with a lot of foam. Pleasant peppery aroma and taste with wheat notes.

    • Ah! Mursalski ale

      Ah! Mursalski ale


      Bulgarian craft beer, red ale style. Made with a combination of German and Belgian malt, with chocolate and red malt additives for color and complex taste. Mild bitterness and very delicate aroma. What makes this beer unique is its infusion of mint and mursal tea. You certainly have not drunk such beer before.

    • Ah! Wheat Ale

      Ah! Wheat Ale


      Bulgarian craft beer, type - wheat ale. Red in color, with aroma of herbs. It tastes pleasantly bitter, but what makes this beer unique is its infusion of thyme and goji berry. Uniquely interesting combination.

    • German Beers

    • Schofferhoffer



      Traditional German beer brewed with wheat malt. It has a fresh fruity taste. The sediment from the yeast at the bottom gives it a characteristic cloud-like appearance. It should be poured carefully - tilt the glass and pour slowly. Before pouring the last quarter, slowly turn the bottle back and forth to dissolve the precipitate.

    • Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

      Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier


      Golden wheat beer with aroma of carnation and a refreshing banana taste. Soft and beer, it is suitable for any occasion.

    • Weihenstephaner Korbinian

      Weihenstephaner Korbinian


      Weihenstephaner Korbinian - dark beer, doppelbock style. This beer has many fans with aroma of dark malt, notes of caramel, nuts and chocolate. There are notes of prunes and figs.

    • Weihenstephaner Vitus

      Weihenstephaner Vitus


      German beer, Weizenbock style. Spicy, with a creamy foam and very good balanced taste, due to its long maturation. The fruity aroma of dried apricots blends with the aromas of citrus, carnation and notes of banana. It tastes less of a side beer than a rich wheat beer.

    • Schneider Weisse Tap 5

      Schneider Weisse Tap 5


      German beer, military style. A thick, dull orange color. Highly hops, with citrus notes. The malt has a slightly sweet taste, but it also has a slight bitterness. One of the captain's favorite beers.

    • Schneider Weisse Tap 4

      Schneider Weisse Tap 4


      German beer, hefewitzen type. It is made with two varieties of organic malt and organic hops. The aroma is banana, the color is a dull orange. Very well balanced beer, slightly bitter but with a light sweet and sour note. Creamy texture and soft, bitter aftertaste.

    • Schneider Aventinus Weizen Eisbock

      Schneider Aventinus Weizen Eisbock


      German dark beer, Icebox style. Aventinus is a wheat Bavarian doelbock known for having one of the most intense and complex flavors in the world. This unique taste was created by mistake, since before 1940, during transport, the beer froze partially, which in turn made it stronger.

    • Kloster Scheyern Weisse Hell

      Kloster Scheyern Weisse Hell


      German beer, style - Hefewitzen. A dull golden color with a creamy foam. Taste of banana, peach and coriander. Medium-sweet taste.

    • Weisser Hase

      Weisser Hase


      German beer, hefewitzen style. Soft and refreshing in taste and golden in color. Wheat beer with banana flavor and notes of caramel. Medium carbonated.

    • Clausthaler - non-alcoholic

      Clausthaler - non-alcoholic


      German non-alcoholic beer. We are also trying to offer an option for drivers, of course. Unfortunately, there is no non-alcoholic beer that comes close to the real thing, but the Germans are closer to the truth than most native proposals.

    • Czech beers

    • Konrad Vratislavicky

      Konrad Vratislavicky


      Traditional Czech light beer, camp type. Made by classic technology, with 11 percent malt extract and slightly sweet taste.

    • Primator Weizenbier

      Primator Weizenbier


      Czech hefevaitsen beer. Unfiltered wheat beer. Aroma of cloves, soft hints of bitter notes. Extremely refreshing. Winner of the Best Wheat Beer of Europe Award.

    • Primator IPA

      Primator IPA


      Czech beer made in IPA style - India Pale Ale. A dull orange color, with a large fluffy foam. Soft aroma of fruity hops, grapefruit and caramel flavor. Quite bitter and very refreshing.

    • Cerna Hora Kvasar

      Cerna Hora Kvasar


      Czech beer with honey and herbs. Gold-brown with lemon and honey notes. Sweet but unobtrusive taste.

    • Kozel Dark

      Kozel Dark


      Classic Czech dark beer. Made from a special dark malt, which makes its foam even dark. Dark in color with thick foam, the aroma of baked malt and caramel. Medium carbonated.

    • Kozel


      Classic Czech light beer. Slightly bitter taste, golden brown. A light beer for any occasion.

    • Konrad 12

      Konrad 12


      Classic Czech pilsner. Light beer with a strong malt aroma. Malt and medium-bitter taste. A great choice for fans of lighter beers. She won the award for Best Light Beer.

    • Cerna hora – Velen

      Cerna hora – Velen


      Czech beer, hefeweizen style. Wheat beer, flavored with malt and yeast, notes of banana. Dull yellow color, medium bitterness.

    • Bernard – Light

      Bernard – Light


      Bernard is a Czech non-pasteurized beer, style - pilsner. Balanced bitter taste and rich hop aroma with thick foam. Classic Czech camp. A lot of beer. This model has a swing cap - press with your thumbs to hear a satisfactory crack.

    • Bernard - Dark

      Bernard - Dark


      Bernard - dark Czech beer, style - camp. Non-pasteurized beer with four types of malt, with a characteristic thick taste and pleasant bitterness. Aroma of baked malt, caramel, licorice. Slightly sweet taste. This model has a swing cap - press with your thumbs to hear a satisfactory crack.

    • Bernard - red

      Bernard - red


      Bernard is a family-owned Czech brewery. This beer is a semi-dark red lager, with a slight caramel flavor and a balanced bitter taste. The aroma is caramel, the taste is thick. Non-pasteurized beer enriched with yeast during bottling. This model has a swing cap - press with your thumbs to hear a satisfactory crack.

    • Belgian beers

    • Tripel Karmeliet

      Tripel Karmeliet


      It is said to be made according to a recipe from 1679 that used puppy, rye and hops. This beer is fine and complex, with a color between gold and bronze, with a fantastic creamy foam. The aroma has hints of vanilla and citrus. Triple Carmelite combines the freshness of wheat beer with the creamy texture of rye and spicy lemon notes.

    • St. Bernardus Pater 6

      St. Bernardus Pater 6


      Belgian Abbey beer, style - double. Strong taste and high alcohol percentage. Citrus notes, spicy and slightly sweet taste.

    • St. Bernardus Prior 8

      St. Bernardus Prior 8


      Belgian Abbey beer, style - double. With thick and thick foam. The color is very dark brown, almost black. The aroma is complex and elegant, with sweet notes of toasted malt, licorice, pear. Very soft and rich in fruity taste. Delicious beer with a touch of caramel and chocolate.

    • Chimay blue

      Chimay blue


      Belgian beer, style - strong Belgian ale. Characteristically strong taste, with color notes. Baked malt, brown sugar, roses and caramel. Non-pasteurized, double-fermented rape beer.

    • Chimay Red

      Chimay Red


      Belgian beer, style - abbey double. This beer has a characteristic honey-red color with a light fruity aroma. Soft, refreshing and slightly bitter taste - malt, raisins, cherries ... this beer has a particularly rich taste. Non-pasteurized beer, fermented secondarily in the bottle.