An ancient alcoholic beverage made of fermented honey, suitable both for brave vikings and vicious pirates.

medovina mead sofia abordage
Mead (Honey wine)

We love mead! There is no other place in Bulgaria, where you can try such a wide variety of first-class mead. We will make sure to recommend the right one for you! No matter whether it is the first time you try or you are a veteran connoisseur, we have something that will suit your palate!

Welcome to the  House of Mead!

The list of the types of mead we offer on board is long. Sometimes we have limited quantities, but here you can find a list of the main types we try to keep on stock at all times:

Live mead “Meadly” 

Bulgarian fresh mead, unfiltered, unpasteurised, does not contain any artificial additives, preservatives, coloring agents – only pure honey, water and yeast. Naturally carbonated, bottle conditioned and sealed with genuine bee wax. 10% alcohol volume, comes in 330ml bottle.

Traditional mead “Meadly”

Made of Bulgarian honey and herbs it has a soft taste of sweet white wine with clear honey flavour you can feel even after the last drop in the glass. 12% of alcohol volume, ask for the season brews.


Медовина Ядвига
Jadwiga Mead

Some call it the Queen of all Meads. Imagine high class mead with raspberry syrup added to the fermentation mix. And then leave it for 6 years of aging in an oak cask. This is Jadwiga!

Staropolski miód 

First class Polish mead aged for at least 2 years in an oak cask. The raspberries give its distinctive warm color and taste of Staropolski miod (Old Polish Mead).

Медовина Старополски
Staropolski Mead


Intensive taste of honey, notes of forest fruits and herbs. Kurpiowski contains black currant!


Genuine mead mead of poly-floral honey and Alpine herbs. High class mead aged for 2 years.

And many more… – “Abordage” is the one and only place in Sofia you can find a variety of Bulgarian and import mead. We always have something new and interesting so ask at the bar if you feel adventurous!